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Clickers in the Classroom

April 25, 2008

"I have been using clickers [sometimes referred to as an 'audience response' system] now for about 2-3 months and have seen a vast improvement in my students’ test scores. At the end of each lesson, I have a 5-8 question clicker quiz. This assessment allows me to generate the much needed data that we as teachers are being called upon to have, and it allows me to tailor the review for each unit to the specific class. My students who struggle in other ways in the classroom have become more confident about science because they know we have a daily review. We also used the clickers with the math review we did leading up to our state testing with a small group of identified students from our roster. The students looked forward to having their quiz once a week in small group, and it allowed us to regroup the students as needed. All in all, the system is a great tool for me as a teacher."


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