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NIE Mock Vote

July 16, 2008

I recently attended a Newspapers in Education workshop and plan to educate my first grade students in the 2008 presidential campaign and the voting process through newspapers. This is an excellent resource. I also purchased the book, See How They Run by Susan E. Goodman. Since I am going through the National Board process this year, I also plan to involve my school in a mock vote made possible by NIE. They are providing all the materials. As a class, my students will provide voter registration forms and encourage those adults that have not registered to vote to do so. My students will begin each day reading the newspaper, and during our morning meeting we will share current events. NIE will give us the opportunity to target a day where we can request newspapers from around the nation to be sent to us where we can compare newspapers for a particular day. I will choose the day after the election so that my students can see the results.


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