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Excursion Behavior

July 10, 2008

Found In: field trips, discipline

Before a field trip or special event, I have the students verbally provide what they think are proper manners and behaviors for the event. They usually provide a more complete list than I can think of. Creating this list helps the students take ownership of their actions.

In addition, our school uses a management plan where students earn “bucks” that are used in the school store or can be saved for the big end-of-year carnival celebration. When we go on a field trip or have a special event, I take some of the bucks with me and hand them out to students who are demonstrating expected behaviors and manners. When individual bucks are hard to handle, I carry a clipboard and paper on which I take notes, so I can handle the bucks or consequences later.

On our end-of-year field trip this year, our class was complimented by each of the tour guides as one of the most well-mannered classes they had ever had, and as an inclusion team we had many special needs students with a lot of challenges! I was very proud of them!



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