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Teaching Kids about Money

August 13, 2008

It's never too early to start teaching students about money. There is a wealth of resources/organizations, websites, books, and games that teach saving, spending, and investing skills to kids. In light of the fact that the U.S. savings rate is at an all-time low, while the personal debt rate is at an all-time high, an investment in your student's financial education will prepare them for making a lifetime of responsible financial decisions. Here are some suggested resources for teaching financial literacy to your students. I've even used them to educate myself.


Money Instructor
Financial Literacy for Kids
Federal Reserve


The Everything Kids' Money Book by Diane Mayr
The New Totally Awesome Money Book for Kids by Arthur and Rose Bochner
Barron's Money Sense for Kids by Hollis Page Harman
Growing Money-A Complete Investing Guide for Kids by Gail Karlitz

These resources teach kids to respect money, to earn money, to set money goals, to distinguish between needs and wants, to make wise decisions, to be charitable, to invest in the market, etc. A financial education will allow your students to reap the rewards of good money management.


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