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Behavior Strikeout

January 07, 2009

“When I have a student who has difficulty following my behavior guidelines, I tell him/her that I am a teacher for everyone in the class and must give everyone my time and attention. I have a system that might help this kind of student work on following directions. The first time he needs a reminder I say, ‘Strike One’, the next time, ‘Strike Two.’ If the student gets to ‘Strike Three,’ he is removed from the activity to think about what he will change. When I have the time, I call him over and listen to him tell me what he was doing wrong and how he is going to fix it. The student may then return to the activity. On the next strike he/she must leave the activity and watch how the other children are following directions. At some point in time, I may ask if he thinks he has a good idea of what to do and let him try one more time. Next class time, I try to remember to say, ‘I'm hoping you will have a good class today. It's great when you stay with us in the activities.’”


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