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Good Read for New and Veteran Teachers

March 25, 2009

“I am a first year teacher and read the book Working With Parents: Building Relationships for Student Success by Ruby K. Payne this past summer. This book was given to me by my district because they want all teachers to be able to build those positive relationships with parents. The book has six sections:

  • Working with Students' Parents and Guardians
  • Working with Parents from Poverty
  • Working with Parents from Wealth
  • Working with Overprotective Parents
  • Conferencing with Parents
  • Case Studies

All of the sections were great because I deal with all of those situations on a daily basis. It taught me how to best deal with each type of parent and what I need to do, as a teacher, to ensure I have good relationships with parents. I would highly suggest this book for any teacher, but especially new teachers. I knew how to work with parents, but I feel that I am much more confident with it after reading the book.”


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