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Beach Ball Review

Found In: games, kinesthetic learning, review & test prep

This is a fun way to review for tests in any class. I found smiley face beach balls at a store on clearance for a dime, but I think any beach ball would work for this review. I inflate the beach ball and write questions on the beach ball with a permanent marker. Paint pens don’t work, because they don’t dry on the plastic, and they smear. I write questions relating to the information the students will need to know for their test.

I start the game by tossing the beach ball to one student in the class. This student reads and answers one of the two questions that their hands fall on when catching the ball. After answering the question, this student then throws the ball to another student in the room.

You can play this game as long as you want. Some classes are quicker at answering the questions, so those classes don’t play as long as others. I allow students to ask a neighbor or friend in the class for help if they don’t know the answer. This test review involves all students and is an active way to get students engaged.



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