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Summer Packet Helps Retain Learning

Found in: end of the year; math

I teach a 4th grade math class with low achieving students, so summer work is critical. I give them a packet that contains all the topics we covered during the year. Each section has specific directions and examples so parents can understand the concepts. Since the packet is large, I suggest that students work on the areas in which they feel they need the most support. I also assure them that if they did only one page a day over the summer, about 15 minutes each day, they could walk into 5th grade with confidence. Any student who returns his/her packet in September earns a small prize.

I also strongly encourage students to practice their multiplication math facts, an area of weakness for most. From the beginning of the school year, I tell them to practice the facts they have difficulty with, mainly the 6, 7, and 8's. One strategy that makes it fun is to use the "B's." This means...take a few flash cards with your facts and practice them in Bed, in the Back seat of the car, at Breakfast, with your Brother (or other sibling), and the the Bathroom. Keeping a few cards in those places and zipping through them for a few minutes each day can really make a difference.


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