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Seating in the Shape of E

August 10, 2009

I like most students to face the front of the class, so I usually arrange my desks in the shape of the letter ‘E’. I place the desks into three rows facing the front and one row facing the side. I don’t have the children face the window side of the room to prevent glare and distractions. Even though seating is in the shape of an E, not all the spots are filled in, because I like to allow space for me to walk through. The students who face the side usually are the students who have better ability to watch the front when they need it. Within the group, I change students as I see which ones work well together, which matches are good for helping, etc. At that point, it's not hard for them to push their desk together to make groups of two or four for activities and games. It usually takes me a few weeks to get to know the students and decide on the seating. It takes modeling and practice for them to be able to move their desks together. I try to change seating arrangements about every two months. It's a real challenge to make these arrangements, but they are usually worth it!


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