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Calming Disruptive Students

February 02, 2010

Found In: handling disruptions, noise control

I have a few suggestions for calming disruptive students. I often write notes to whichever child is nearest to me, asking him/her to give directions to the class. I found out that some of my loudest, most disruptive kids were the ones who had the most control over the other students. It wasn’t the end of the disruptive behaviors by any means, but it did give me a lot of insight into the kids. I was able to ask them for help later in different situations, and they were happy to use their influence with the other kids.

I did use other strategies throughout the course of the semester, but this was a strong one. Often, I would announce that I was going to give special help – then I’d speak very quietly. Try turning off half of your lights or turning them all off and opening the blinds. This gives me a bit of a headache, but my kids seem to be calmer.



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