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“Math Pentagon” App

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My classroom uses the iPad, and I’ve been using a relatively new app called Math Pentagon to let students practice math. It covers a wide range of topics like algebra, decimals, fractions, statistics, etc. All the worksheets are built-in, and students can write on the iPad app itself to solve the problems. Children love the way they are able to collect stars and score points as part of a reward system.

The results are saved, and I can review them any time after submission. I can also generate performance reports, so I can target a particular student or a group and assign a set of worksheets if necessary.

This app has a lot of other capabilities, like “LIVE Learning Center,” though I haven’t used much of it. Apparently one could teach an individual student or a group by writing on a shared whiteboard, while they are able to see and hear the teacher. I need to figure out and try this feature as well. To me all of this sounds very exciting.



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