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Beginning Blue's Clues

Found in: back to school; routines & procedures

When children arrive in my room with their parents for open house, they are handed a clue list with a circle next to each clue, challenging them to find items/places such as the bathroom, sink, paper towels, trashcan, classroom door, cubbies, etc. I hang a handprint and a card at each site telling the children and their parents what to do once they find it, such as 'Turn on the Water' and 'Wash Hands Using the Soap Dispenser.' I also wear a handprint to ensure that everyone gets a chance to talk to me. When the children find an item, they color the circle next to the clue on their paper. When all the spots are colored, they receive a sticker. The children that don't attend open house do this activity with a volunteer the first week of school. This saves an enormous amount of time teaching the children where things are in the classroom. We continue this theme the first week of school and find clues that lead us to the different parts of the building and introduce us to the people that work throughout the school.


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