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Adopt an Acre of Rainforest

Found In: communication & collaboration, crafts & cooking, environmental education, information gathering, project based learning, science

My class studied the rainforest and then decided to educate others about the effects of deforestation. I divided the class into groups, which researched the rainforest, foods, plants, medicines and other aspects. All children were required to retell what they learned and put it in a newsletter format on the computer.

We then decided to bake desserts with ingredients from the rain forest, such as coconut, chocolate, vanilla, etc. We had a bake sale, with our huge rainforest mural as a backdrop, and made $75.00. We used the money to adopt two acres of rain forest through the Nature Conservancy’s “Adopt an Acre” program.

We are also in the process of adding our research to our own Web site. So we accomplished our goal – informing others of the importance of the rainforest – through our newsletter, website and bake sale. It was a very valuable project.


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