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After Holiday Sales

January 17, 2007

Found In: equipment & supplies, holiday

I find a lot of use for items I buy during all those after-holiday sales. I use Christmas bows to divide students into teams or cooperative learning groups. As students enter the room, they choose a bow out of the box and attach it to their shirts. When it's time to work together, they create groups by color or size of bow or solids vs. stripes.

For class celebrations, my students love silly prizes like paper horns, bubbles or confetti from leftover New Year’s Eve party favors. (They don’t care if the year is right or not!)

In late January or February, I buy discounted calendars for my classroom. I look for book-themed calendars (Chronicles of Narnia, Harry Potter, Lemony Snicket) or just ones I think my students would enjoy. I get double value out of these items: after the year is over, I cut apart the months, laminate them, and use them for displays in years to come. A recycled Dr. Seuss calendar made a great “Name That Book” display and contest last March.



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