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Agenda Books

December 18, 2002

We use agenda books to communicate with parents. The book is formatted so the children can copy their assignments for each day and teachers/parents can write a short note. This book goes home every day and is signed by a parent. We have found it to be very successful. As for volunteers, we let the parents know at the beginning of the year at Open House, they are welcome to come in our classroom to work with children and also do clerical type activities. One of our teaching assistants wrote a grant for a Mentoring program, to supply games, etc. for mentors to use with children that are identified by our staff as needing extra support (not academics) for various reasons. We also have a HOST Program (Helping One Student To Succeed) in place for 2nd graders. A lot of our volunteers come from our senior center, churches, or from names given to us by others that would like to work with children. The Host program is one on one, for a 30 minute period each day. The materials are prepared by our basic skills teacher and her teaching assistant.


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