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Found in: building trust & community; safety issues

In our school we have started with ID badges. We purchased a computer program, camera and special printer with grant money. We started with teachers and administrators wearing badges. In a high school of 1100, sometimes students don't know who the teachers are. Since we've been wearing our badges, parents feel more comfortable coming up to a teacher and asking questions because they know we belong in the building.

We have also made badges for students who are teacher aides, cadet teachers and tutors. These students go into the elementary buildings and are easily recognized by their badge. All students will have badges in a couple of months, but it takes time to photograph and print all students. There is an advantage to having the student ID, also. Local movie theaters give a 50 percent discount with the ID. This has motivated students to ask for their ID. The IDs were designed by students, and the student body voted on their favorite design. This gave the students some ownership of the ID badges.


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