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Baseball Review

Found In: games, motivating students; pairing & grouping, test prep & review

This game works well with my students when reviewing material prior to a test. I bought a baseball game with four Velcro balls and a wall hanging (ground out, homerun, etc.).

When we are ready to review, I divide my class into two teams that are balanced by high, medium and low student abilities. Each team selects a captain and scorekeeper. I put all vocabulary words on index cards along with several homerun, single, double, triple and pop fly cards. I place sheets of paper on the floor in the shape of a baseball diamond (1st base, 2nd base, 3rd base and home plate). I flip a coin to see which team is at bat first.

Each student is given a randomly selected card from the stack, one at a time as they bat. If they can tell me what the vocabulary word is, they can throw the four balls at the wall hanging. If a student gets a homerun card, a point is added to that team’s score. If the student gets a single, he/she stands on the paper for 1st base, etc.

The students love this game. I also give a treat to the winning team. This game is great for review!



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