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Beat That Time

Found in: games; math; routine & procedures

When teaching multiplication tables, I print out flashcards from and give each child a copy to put in a Ziploc bag. The students take daily timed tests, starting with 30 facts and work their way up to tests of 100 facts. The students must pass each test twice before going on to the next level. This way each child is working at his own level and speed. They have 5 1/2 minutes to complete each test. As tables are memorized, the children drop that flashcard into a bucket and concentrate on the ones left in their bag. We make up jingles and memory aids for some of the more difficult ones. When 75% of the class can complete 100 facts in 5 ? minutes, we have an ice cream party. They are always encouraged to compete with themselves, beating their previous time or finishing a test.


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