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Beginning of Class Behavior

November 17, 2004

I have classes that are extremely talkative because they do not want to work. I have found that keeping a journal helps get a class on task immediately. The students know that they are to be writing in their notebooks when the bell rings or they will give me their time when the bell rings to leave. If they leave without permission, the student will be issued a detention (call home may be helpful). If detentions are not served, there will be a referral to the administration. When the bell rings, I start writing down students' names who are not on task, talking or standing. I remind them the bell has rung and there is an objective to be copied. I call out names of the students I'm writing. Walking among them with the book also helps. The difficult part is reminding them at the end of class to stay, otherwise the students will forget or say they forget.


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