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Behavior Logs

Found in: parent-teacher communication; tracking behavior

I have an extremely active class with a lot of kids who have severe behavior issues. In order to get those kids to begin monitoring themselves and to be sure those who are in charge at home know what is going on in the classroom, they carry around a behavior log. This is a clipboard with a sheet taped to it that lists the expected behaviors at all times. I clip another sheet to it that is a chart for the week with a little box for each class, including lunch and recess. The student has to get it signed at the end of every class by the teacher. The teacher also writes a short note about the student's behavior.

Students carry the behavior logs around all day and feel very important because they have clipboards. It is a great opportunity to continually discuss a student's behavior, to emphasize positive behaviors and problem-solve around the negative ones. At the end of every day, I Xerox the log and staple it into the student's homework folder for their parent to see. This is a great way to track behavior. There are consequences for negative reports and rewards for positive ones. This is a long-term approach but it is the most effective way I have found to get these kids to pay attention to their behavior and encourage them to take responsibility for it.


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