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Behavior Referrals

Found In: Discipline; Parent-Teacher Communication

I use several techniques when students are disruptive in the classroom. I make it a learning experience for the students, reminding them that they need to raise their hands, stay in their seats, etc. If a student still has a problem, I whisper a conversation about the behavior and show only the student the behavior slip. I tell the student the referral is filled out and ready to be given to the principal. I leave it upside down on the student's desk and tell the student that if there are no more problems, he/she can rip it up and throw it away after class. This lets them have control over their behavior.

For other situations, I take the student out in the hallway and bring a referral slip to show that I mean business. If I am going to write up a student, we discuss why and strategies that can be taken so it will not happen again. The student fills out the referral himself listing the discipline problem and the action taken.


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