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Icebreaker Birthday Cards

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I have my students get to know each other by making birthday cards. They sit in groups and design a card for the person across from them. They have to find out what hobbies that person enjoys, books they like to read, places they have been and design a cover for a birthday card accordingly. The card must have the student’s name, a greeting and their date of birth.

I keep the stack by the classroom calendar and post the birthdates. When someone’s birthday comes up, the card gets passed around the room for everyone to sign. I give it to the birthday student on their special day along with a birthday pencil. We make up a half birthday for those who were born during the summer. The students who do not celebrate birthdays receive a greeting card during a month when there are no birthdays.

This makes handling birthdays much simpler. The kids love to read their cards and know that they are celebrated and appreciated.


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