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Block Scheduling as Safety Measure

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We instituted block scheduling several years ago to cut down on the number of class changes per day, which reduced opportunities for student to get into trouble. We have 100-minute classes and three classes a day. We have six subjects a quarter, just as if they were taught every day, but they are taught on alternate days.

Teachers teach 5 classes in two days leaving them one free class to patrol the campus and hallways every two days. We have a large faculty so each teacher does hall duty one quarter on one quarter off. Three golf carts with two teachers each roam the outdoor part of the campus. The rest of the teachers have hall duty or a tardy hall duty.

No one is to be in the hall without a pass. A pass system was devised. Passes are color coded so that upstairs bathroom passes are only good upstairs. Hall passes are another color and are good all over the campus. Library passes are also a different color. Each pass must have the name of the bearer on it, with one person per pass, the time of the pass and other than the Library and bathroom pass there must be a destination and coming and return time. When we have bomb threats we call in passes to determine who was out on the campus at the time. We even caught one once with the pass method.

No personal mobile phones or pagers are allowed at our school. All visitors must have a pass. We have a lock down and emergency plan to lock in the kids that are in schoolrooms and remove others to a safe place. Everyone has a place to go in the emergency. All teachers have instructions of how to keep their students safe in an emergency.


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