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Book List on a Ring

Found In: organizing, reading, routines & procedures

One of the teachers at my school punched holes in index cards and clipped them together with an open-and-close key ring (though you could also use a shower ring). She used these cards as a way for the students to be responsible for the books they read and to keep track of their Accelerated Reader (AR) points.

On the first index card is the student’s name and AR reading range. The cards that follow are for the student to record the title, author, and AR level of each book read. The students write one book on each side of the card. Once they take the test for a book, they also record their grade and points earned on the card for that book.

These cards are a great way to make the kids responsible for their own books and scores. It’s also a reminder for the students to know which books they have already read.



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