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Breakfast Club

Found In: Review and Test Prep, Club Activity

Research has proven that many middle school students have weak study skills. They study in isolation and have no feedback if their pre-test answers are on track. I started a Breakfast Club many years ago that invite my students to come in early on the day of a test to study with me and their other teammates (I team teach with four other teachers). The students bring in breakfast items to share: juice, donuts, bagels, cream cheese, muffins, etc. For 1/2 hour the students exchange ideas and questions in a relaxed atmosphere. It reinforces the concepts and themes that will be on that day's test, and I am available for any last minute clarifications.

It has proven to be a wonderful way to get students to share study skill habits, reduce test stress, raise confidence, build friendships, and raise overall averages. When I began this, an average of about 10 students made the early morning pilgrimage for each Breakfast Club; now 65 percent of the team comes. The classroom gets crowded, but the quality and level of educational discussion is worth it!



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