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Celebrating Pi Day

September 10, 2003

Another calculus teacher and I started celebrating Pi Day with our calculus classes four years ago. We use the school cafeteria on 3/14 and start our celebration at 7PM. We have contests for the best decorated homemade pie, pi-day costumes, songs, skits, jingles, and the memorization of the decimal places of pi. We have over 100 students taking calculus and they will tell you that this is one of the highlights of their year. We start off by singing songs like 'Happy Pi Day to You' (words for songs involving pi are available at numerous websites), and that gets everyone involved. We then have a parade of the students in their 'Pi apparel' -- most have decorated t-shirts, but some go all out with full costumes. Then comes the skits and the evening ends with a contest to see who has memorized the most decimal places of pi. A new school record was set last year when a student recited 500 decimal places! The students get to eat their homemade pies, with the leftover pies donated to a local shelter. One of our geometry teachers has her students make posters that play on the word Pi (Pi-rates, Pi-focals, Pi-napples, Bye bye Miss American Pi, etc.), and we use the posters to decorate the cafeteria.


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