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Class Logs

Excessive absences prompted me to devise a Class Log system. I have three-ringed folders in different colors that are labeled Block 1, Block 2, etc. These folders remain on the counter in my classroom. I developed a log sheet for my classes that contains space for the log keeper's name, date, block, etc. The sheet is divided into the segments that represent English class assignments: literature, tests, vocabulary, dictation, homework, writing process, research, etc. Space is provided for the student log keeper to list the day's activities. A stack of blank forms is left near the logbooks. The student knows to pick up a form, complete it as we work, and place the completed log sheet in the folder at the end of each class period. When absent students return to class, they check the logbook for details on what they missed, study guides, handouts, etc. I check the folder at the end of the day and add omitted details in red, notes to the log keeper, as necessary, to improve his/her skills, plus 1-5 bonus points by the log keeper's name as an incentive to be clear and precise. This Class Log system prevents downtime at the important start of class. The teacher is free to engage students immediately, and students learn the importance of clear writing. The burden of make-up work is placed on the student, not the teacher. This process works for any discipline. The benefits of writing across the curriculum can be addressed in this simple way.


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