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Classroom Allergies

March 02, 2005

I'm allergic to the stuff, so I tell my kids at the start of the semester that my classroom isn't a bathroom and that I'm allergic to scent. If I have to discipline, it falls under my rule lack of consideration of others. Most times the kids are receptive, and I haven't had a problem. There has been a rare instance where a new student comes in drenched, and the other kids are quick to let that student know. I just let them know why I'm opening a window when it's -15 degrees outside. We're a combined ms/hs building, and I find in my older age, I don't hesitate to walk up to an over saturated 8th grader and tell him/her I like the cologne, but it doesn't need to be broadcasted. It takes some students awhile to comprehend, but they get wise to it, and when I get them in the 9th grade, they're ahead of the curve, and they have something (the boys at least) to joke about with me.


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