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Communication from Beginning to End

Found In: back to school, parent-teacher communication

The first week of school, I send home a fill-in-the-blank letter in English and Spanish for the parents to write to me about their son/daughter. They get a chance to tell me about what they want their child to accomplish in my class, and about their child’s strengths, hobbies and interests.

I ask the parents to tell me if they would be willing to volunteer in my room as a tutor or a guest speaker. They write down the best way we can communicate and the hours they are available. The parents love bragging about their child, and this letter opens the lines of communication for the rest of the year.

At the end of the year, I send a letter to the parents when they examine their child’s work portfolio for the entire year. I ask them to tell me what growth they see in their child’s writing and reading logs. I also ask them to evaluate my assignments and website. Again, the parents’ responses are a great way for me to see what worked in their opinion and helps them see how much their child has grown as a reader and writer.

I keep those letters in what I call my HUG file. Whenever I think I am not making a difference, I just have to open that file and read a few letters which encourage me to continue as a teacher and help me to recognize the trees in the forest.



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