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Creating Your Own School Bells

October 06, 2004

Found In: routines & procedures, time management

This tip is for everyone who has students coming and going throughout the school day and week: to deal with Tammy’s twice-weekly speech therapy lessons, Summer’s daily trip to the school nurse for medication, Jane’s three pull-outs to resource, as well as reminders for the entire class to travel weekly to the computer lab and library.

Here’s what you can do: download a multiple-alarm clock program for your classroom computer. No need for students to miss medication or therapy, because nobody was watching the clock. You pick the music or voices from common sound files and customize the alarms to your classroom schedule. Remember to save one or two for yourself for playground duty and a reminder to go home before dark. I use the freeware program The MP3 Alarm Clock 1.4 for the Macintosh, and there are plenty for PC’s, too.

[Editor’s Note: Find free alarms and clock software.]


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