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Creative Research Papers

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When my students write research papers, they do so with a unique twist. Tired of reading mundane topics, I revamped the assignment.

Now, each student must research a year in history. In order to avoid information that’s already on our minds, the year must be sixteen years ago or earlier, and only one student may choose that year. The student is then given specific tasks to complete; for example, he/she must find five features of the people of that year. These features might be what foods they ate, modes of transportation used, fashions of the year, and so on. In all, the student has to find a wide array of facts, which must then be incorporated into an original first person short story. The story must have a plot with a climax and a conclusion, and must be documented properly.

Thus, our research papers have become creative products that require use of the imagination along with practice of rigorous research methods. The result has been greater satisfaction and sense of ownership for the students and much more enjoyable reading for the instructor. 


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