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Crisis Plans

Our school district has been actively working on safety issues for a number of years. One of the products of this discussion has been the development of crisis plans for all buildings. The plan covers how staff should react to a number of situations (intruders in the building, intruder with a weapon, bomb threat, suicide, etc.) as well as several methods of communicating information (intercom, folders, cell phones). We have also prepared crisis kits with student rosters, flashlights, activities for students to complete, and copies of the plan. To make sure that we have a working knowledge of our plan, some buildings hold unannounced drills to stay on their toes. In addition, we are very strict about our visitor policy. We have signs posted at every door that welcome visitors but require them to check in at the office and receive a bright yellow visitor badge. Random checks are conducted by our district office to make sure that a stranger cannot just wander through the building without being confronted. All staff are held responsible for stopping unknown people who are not wearing a badge and asking them to go to the office.


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