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Disruptive Students I

November 29, 2006

Here are some ideas to help deal with talkative and disruptive students:

  1. Make an assignment that they have to do in class and turn in at the end of the period. Make the assignment specific and detailed enough so that they can accomplish it but have to work hard to get it done.

  2. Call on the 'ringleaders' to stand up and answer questions. Students do not want to lose face in front of friends.

  3. Have one or more of the students come up front and teach the lesson. They will begin to understand how hard teaching is and have more appreciation for the job that you are doing.

  4. This idea takes a lot of record keeping but tell the class they are starting out with 100 points and every time they talk, subtract 5 or 10 points. The ones who are concerned about grades will quickly be quiet.



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