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Downtime Statues

March 21, 2007

Found In: noise control, games

Something my kids have always enjoyed during any downtime/waiting part of the day is playing “Statue.” The rules are simple. I give students a few seconds to strike a statue-like pose, and on command, they must cease moving. They’re allowed to blink and breathe, but anything else is an automatic out.

At first they enjoy striking silly poses, but then they quickly realizes it’s hard to maintain a frozen position, and they will soon settle down into a quiet sitting position for longer and longer periods of time. They also know if they purposely try to get some of their classmates out, they will not be able to play next round.

If you have a hard time keeping track of who is still in the game, have them stand as still as a statue and sit as you see them move. Soon it will be down to a handful, while the rest keep watchful eyes for wiggles. The winner is applauded (or given a sticker), and the next round begins. They always want to play just one more time, and soon their effort to remain quiet and frozen make for an enjoyable wait.



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