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Early Options

Found In: routines & procedures

I expect students to keep a book at their desk at all times. If they finish their work early, reading silently is always an option. But there are other options they can use for spending this time, depending upon the time of day and the classroom agenda.

If it’s math time, and they have finished a practice page quickly, they have the option of walking around (with permission of course) to help other students who are still working.

I also have some folder games that I purchased and put together. I pull the games that relate to what we’re covering and set them out for students to work on individually when they finish their work.

If it’s reading time they should obviously be reading a book, working on a book talk, writing me a letter about what they are reading, or listening to a book on tape. During writer’s workshop they can write a free choice story, publish something, conference with a friend, look for a book to use as a model of what to write, etc.


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