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Effort Grades

Found In: paperwork, routines & procedures, tracking behavior

I teach just over 500 elementary art students. We are required to give only an effort grade for art, music and P.E. I log my daily grades by using my own letter codes:

  • OT for Off Task
  • FD for Not Following Directions
  • NH for Note Sent Home
  • LE for Little Effort
  • + for Exemplary Work/Effort
  • SC for Self-Control Problems

During or after the class leaves, I jot my notations in the attendance block beside their names under the date. If there is nothing outstanding, I leave it blank for that day. I then use these daily notations to conduct parent conferences and give/justify my grades at the end of the grading period. I can show the student, parent, or administrator when and what the child is doing. I used to just indicate a plus or minus beside the children’s names, but I found this coded system was more helpful when I was questioned about a grade.


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