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Egg Hunt Review

Found In: review & test prep, games, kinesthetic learning, Easter

I hold a plastic egg hunt review each year, and the kids and parents love it.

Students create multiple choice or fill-in-the-blank review questions for all subjects. We stuff plastic eggs with the questions and print answer keys for each subject. I have parent volunteers hide the eggs outside, and ask other volunteers to check answers and keep up the pace. This frees teachers to observe and intervene when needed.

Kids work with a partner to find and answer a question. They must get an answer checked and then put the answered egg in a container before finding another egg. The pair with the most correct answers when all eggs are found may choose first from a reward box.

Creating questions and then answering them has proven to be a powerful and fun review tool for my students. Plus, it gets them outside for an hour or so where they are free to run, socialize and burn off energy in the course of the egg hunt.


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