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Enlisting Students' Help

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I teach more than one content area daily with classes of 2-14 students. To help with organizational skills (mine and the students’), I type the class roster, print several copies, cut them into small rectangles, and place them in envelopes marked with the hour and class.

The first student to finish the assignment gets a roster from the appropriate envelope, writes the date and assignment at the top, paper clips it to their paper and crosses off their name. The second student adds their paper to the clip and crosses off their name, and so on.

I keep a small basket beside the “In Basket” that contains the envelopes and 3 sizes of clips. The first student has to determine whether all the completed work will fit with a small clip or if it will need a bigger butterfly clip. This makes it easy for me to see at a glance whose paper is in and gathers together all the papers from one class.

In addition, my students now check when they come into class to remind themselves as to whether or not they have finished an assignment. If all the students have not finished the assignment, I lay the clipped papers beside the “In Basket” at the beginning of the class. This saves the papers from the other classes from becoming dislodged or mixed up.


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