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Every Job Requires Readers

We have guest readers come to our school and read to classes from kindergarten through grade 5. Our objective is to help the children have a better understanding of the concept that every job requires readers. We will have people like the fire chief and fire fighters, a vice president of a local bank, senators, and other local businessmen and businesswomen. In the afternoon we will split into two groups (K-2 and 3-5) for rotating reading activities. The children will do three 45-minute activities that will be brought to the classes by other grade level teachers. The four grade level teachers will teach the same lesson so the kids will receive three reading activities. The three activities in kindergarten will be making a book cover to fit a short story they hear, writing a summary of a book they listen to, and doing a choral reading with props of a poem they learn. These will be adapted for each level of learners.


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