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Finn's Five and Dime

June 09, 2004

To promote positive learning, students must complete their work accurately, neatly and on time, with positive and respectful behavior. They also must complete homework and have their daily agenda signed by parents. For each category: classroom assignments, homework, behavior, agenda, and a Super Duper Student category, students can earn 5 cents daily for a total of 25 cents per day or up to $1.25 per week. The student must count the money in coins and they may buy items at that price from the Five and Dime or they can save money for more expensive items. Items range from 25 cents to $5.00. There are the added incentives of going out to lunch for $10.00 or a special trip for $15.00. This year before Holiday Break the students were given special jobs to earn extra cash with which they could purchase craft items that my teaching assistant and I had made. The gifts were purchased for their parents, grandparents, guardian or someone special in their lives. These are students in grades 1 to 6 that have learned to count money, count change, and save for the items they really want. The kids love it, and so do parents. It has enhanced their learning and improved behavior.


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