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Four Square Comprehension

Found In: language arts, reading, reading comprehension

I use an activity called “Four Square” to target students’ reading comprehension skills. Students keep a spiral notebook with each page divided into four equal parts.

  • The top left box is labeled “Questions I Have.” In this section, students write questions that pop into their heads as I read aloud.
  • The top right box is labeled “Answers I Found.” Students write any answers they hear to the questions they listed.
  • The bottom left square is labeled “Mental Picture.” Students draw a picture of what they are visualizing after I read a specific passage, which could be a paragraph or an entire chapter. If there is a vivid description in a chapter, I will reread a section and ask students to draw a picture representing that section.
  • The bottom right square is reserved for “Written Response.” Here students respond to a question I pose. The questions can be predictions, comprehension, sequencing or whatever skill the students need to practice.

This activity keeps kids connected to my reading and serves as a great alternative to assessments as well!


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