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Get Creative with Lining Up

Found In: icebreakers, lining up

I use creative ways to organize students in a line, and I like to use these teachable moments to discuss similarities and differences, and to illustrate that being different is fine.

For example, I might have students line up according to shades of hair from dark to light. I point out that differences exist even among those who think they are alike. And I ask questions:

  • Are differences good or bad or just differences?
  • Why do we like some things?
  • What similarities can you name?

Or, I might have the class line up according to birthdays and talk about seasons, teasing out a conversation about the value in seasons and weather.

Students can also line up according to where they were born and use a map to figure out who was born closest to the school and who was the farthest away.

  • Are they all from the same city or lots of different places?
  • Does being from someplace different make you special?
  • Is everyone special in some way?



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