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Grammar Got Ya!

Found In: grammar & punctuation, language arts, vocabulary, written composition

I have used a book called Caught'ya!: Grammar With a Giggle for about five years with great success. It provides a daily opener exercise with which we begin each class. The neat thing about it is that each exercise is related to the previous day’s exercise, because it is a story that you can personalize to suit your class. The kids really enjoy it for that reason and because it is a challenge not to get “caught.”

The students edit one sentence each day for grammar, punctuation, etc. (Spelling is addressed separately.) It helps our eighth graders with editing skills required on their computer competency test because the editing marks are used daily. I have expanded my openers to include color-coding parts of speech, vocabulary development with weekly quizzes, and sentence writing.

I produce a week’s worth on an overhead, and each student has a copy. A date line is included with each exercise. We even get in some cursive practice on the date! They are told how many errors to look for and given five minutes to search and do their vocabulary. I circulate and try to “catch” them! They love it! I do a weekly vocabulary quiz and collect the paper at the end of each week for a weekly grade.


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