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Green Light

October 22, 2003

Found In: math, routines & procedures, motivating students

This idea has really helped my students get better grades and more satisfaction from their math lessons. After teaching the day’s lesson in math, I assign the first part of the assignment (usually five problems) as green light. When the students have completed those problems they raise their hands, and I correct and write “green light” on their paper. That person is then ready to go on to the rest of the assignment on his own. Because they’ve gotten off to a good start, they usually do better on the entire lesson. Rewards are given on a sporadic basis and have included: green stickers, a cookie, green candies, a green eraser, etc. The kids also get to add those five points to their total for correcting the next day. That is always a plus! Enjoy trying “Green Light” in your classroom.



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