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Group Rewards

Found in: motivating students; pairing & grouping

I have my students' desks arranged in groups of 4 or 6. For group rewards, I reward each group with a tally mark on the board. Tallies can be given for the group being ready, good listening, cleared desk, clear floor, working well together, completed work, etc. On Friday, the group that has the most tallies can pick from the prize box.

I order many things from Oriental Trading Company ( Sometimes the items relate to the curriculum (Solar System, magnets) or season (snowflakes, snowmen). I also look at party shops for packs of little gifts for loot bags. Favorite prizes are coupons for 'No Homework', 'Extra 10 min. on computer' and 'Lunch in the classroom with a friend'.

I have found that the prize itself doesn't matter as much as that they earned it. I make sure the same group doesn't always win, and I change seats the beginning of each new month.


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