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Growing Gifts for Moms or Dads

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In the fall, our class begins a study of plant growth and propagation that culminates in the spring with wonderful Mother's Day gifts. I have a Pothos, commonly but mistakenly called a Philodendron, and a Christmas Cactus. I break off pieces of the plants, and the children root them in potting soil.

We place the soil in large, recycled, liquid laundry detergent caps, which the children have rinsed and brought to school. We use a pencil tip to form a hole in the soil in which the students place the plant cuttings. The pots are kept watered, fertilized, and observed throughout the school year.

By Mother's Day we have lovely plants that have been nurtured with love to give to our Moms or Grandmoms. The students take their plants home with a handmade card. Parents of former students happily tell me how much their plants have grown since their children were in second grade.


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