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Guided Reading Throughout the Year

Found in: communication & collaboration; reading

The focus of my guided reading changes during the year. First semester, guided reading is focused on skill development for most of the students. Consequently, the tasks, when not engaged in guided reading class, focus on skills development with center activities. The center activities include a math center, a writing center, a science or social studies center, a listening center, and a read and respond center. Because of limited space, I have center boxes. Students gather supplies and move to their spot or an appropriate working space.

Second semester, the children are engaged in projects that require them to apply skills. Centers have been almost totally replaced with the project activities that are designed to integrate social studies or science with math, reading and writing. Tasks are defined for students on an overhead. They are encouraged to consult with peers when they have a question. During groups, I wear a red ponytail band on my wrist when working with reading groups to remind students to consider whether a peer can help before approaching me.


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