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Guided Reading and Literacy Centers

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I have five literacy centers where children work while I am instructing my guided reading group. At each center, a group of four or five students works together on a common literacy task:

  • writing center (journals or story starter),
  • listening center (books on tape),
  • working with words center (using letter tiles and building upon word chunks),
  • pointing out words around the room or writing words on dry erase boards with a partner,
  • browsing boxes (leveled classroom library books that students have been taught how to choose their ‘just right’ books to share with their group), or
  • a literature circle group (read a book quietly, write information to share with your group, share the author, title and favorite part of the book with the group).

Each center has a team leader. The members of each group are mixed in their reading abilities so that upper level students can mentor lower level students. The members are instructed to direct all questions to the group leader. If a leader does not know the answer, they can come and ask me. If a team leader is called out of their group for guided reading, he/she chooses a substitute. This system works with a lot of practice.


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