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Hanging Communication Pockets

March 22, 2006

I went out and bought an inexpensive 24-pocket shoe hanging organizer. I wrote each student's name on a calendar cutout figure or themed card and put the cards into the pocket fronts, either arranging the cards into the pockets by alpha order or by students' heights. Short students get the lower pockets and the taller ones get the higher pockets. There is a larger pocket at the top where I keep blank name cards, a permanent marker and student passes. I hang it on my tall cabinet next to the classroom door to use as a student information board. When a student is absent, a student or I will place the work throughout the day into that student's pocket. When the student returns, that student knows to go to his pocket for the make-up work. It's rolled up neatly and ready to complete within three days. If it is board work, or any written work, the student sitting next to the student that's gone will write the information about the assignment down on notebook paper and place it into the absent student's pocket. The pockets are also used for student's library cards and for passes. When students want to leave the class for something, they must place the appropriate pass in their pocket. The class and I all know where everyone is by checking student's pockets. Not a library card is ever placed in a child's desk; not a one is ever lost. I also use these hanging pocket units for other communication uses. They're great!


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