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Homework Box

Teaching 130 middle schoolers makes it difficult to keep track of who was absent and for how many days in order to remind students of the work to be made up. Instead of assuming all the responsibility myself, I have a Homework Box in the room with 5x8 cards. Each day a reliable student in my first period (and each class after that) takes a card to her desk and notes the day's homework assignment, the general idea of what was done in class, text pages used, and if a handout was given. This is done very briefly, note-like. By the end of class, I find time to quickly check the day's card for accuracy and completeness. The card is dated and filed chronologically in the Homework Box. Next to the Homework Box are folders for each class. Handouts go into the folders. As I distribute handouts, I quickly put the names of absent students on individual handouts. Students are regularly reminded to check the Homework Box and folders for work after absences. Now, the responsibility for making up missed work lies a bit more with the student.


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